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Mixed Use Projects

ATM Engineering has provided structural engineering support for thousands of projects— below are some examples of these projects in the mixed-use space.

Suisun Harbor Square

Located in the heart of Suisun City Waterfront District, this 40,000 square foot concrete & steel framed building is a mixed use retail, restaurant, and office complex.

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Theater Square

Located in downtown Petaluma, CA, the three-story project is approximately 150,000 square feet. It consists of two stories of wood-framed loft apartments over a post-tensioned concrete second floor slab. The first floor is utilized for sidewalk accessible retail and dining.

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Rivertown Apartments

Located in downtown Petaluma, CA, the project consists of four large wood-framed apartment buildings, three and four stories, supported on driven concrete piles.  The project is located on the Petaluma River and is approximately 180,000 square feet.

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Basin Street Lofts

This three-story steel-braced framed building is located in a high seismic zone and follows the banks of the Petaluma River. The 75,000 square feet mixed use building utilizes the first floor for retail space while the upper floors are loft apartments. The structure was founded on 12 inch square prestressed concrete piles and the upper floors used open web steel joists supporting a concrete slab. The roof is a steel deck welded to open web steel joists.

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